Landscaper in Fort Saskatchewan AB

Landscaping in Fort Saskatchewan

When you desire the best possible service, quality products and reasonable pricing, contact Hands Free Landscaping, Ltd. We provide residential and commercial landscaping services in and around the Fort Saskatchewan, AB area. Our goal is to create outdoor spaces that specifically cater to the needs and desires of our clients. From design to installation, our knowledgeable and experienced team is there to ensure that you receive the service you deserve.

Landscaping and Irrigation

With Hands Free Landscaping, Ltd., your yard is literally in good hands. We pride ourselves on staying knowledgeable of current trends and technologies, and we make sure that our technicians adhere to the current best practice standards. This allows us to ensure exceptional service and the use of quality materials. We also provide competitive pricing, which provides our customers with exceptional service at a reasonable price.

Our irrigation systems are custom designed for each client. Therefore, you can request and implement key features that would benefit you home or business. Some of the main features that our irrigation clients enjoy include:

  • underground system options
  • set water distribution levels
  • rain sensors

These features not only help to keep your greenspace looking lush and healthy, but it also allows you to conserve water and reduce your bill. Such factors make it a wise investment for your property.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Whether you are looking to construct a beautiful new space in front of your Fort Saskatchewan business or revamp your current landscape of your home, we can assist you. With our years of experience and dedication we look forward to crafting unique and picturesque sceneries for your commercial or residential property. We also offer various grading services for those looking to make significant change.

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We would love to help you create the landscape of your dreams, and we have the tools and knowledge to do just that. Contact us today for a consultation so that you can see for yourself how we may best service your needs: 587-986-7398.